Fred Cuming RA

Fred Cuming RA

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Fred Cuming, Another Figure in the Landscape

"The love of nature and the lyrical response it inspires, whether in painting or poetry, is inextinguishable in English art. Fred Cuming’s thoughtful and tender depictions of cloud, land and sea, recall times of day where our awareness of transience, or the fragility of appearance is most acute, such as dawn or twilight. How often cloud, that most evanescent of motifs, appears to be his subject. By responding to distance and the changeability of our weather he shows how the artist’s imagination is necessarily engaged in a climate where views lack certainty and objects rarely stand alone and complete.

The art of Fred Cuming is at home entirely within this profound tradition, one to which he contributes his unique temperament, touch and vision."

Christopher Le Brun, President, The Royal Academy of Arts

Fred… an artist I admire without reservation. His paintings breathe, his eyes see fresh days always.

Bryan Kneale RA

Fred Cuming's new book, Figure in the Landscape 2, is now available. An updated release of his first book, 'Figure in the Landscape', the new edition includes superior, colour-true images of a larger selection of works than the original edition, along with substantial and informative biographical text.

"One of the foremost landscapists of our age, Fred Cuming reflects here upon his strategies for converting views of real places – beaches, harbours, gardens, the skylines of Venice or of Dungeness - into their painted equivalents. Richard Holmes’s introduction emphasises the graceful mingling of artistry and emotion that underlie Cuming’s adventures in captured light. Thanks to a rich supply of illustrations, this volume reveals the visual intelligence which guides the artist’s brush as it releases the subtleties of colour."

Roger Cardinal

"Fred Cuming tells in a most evocative and entertaining style his development from his early interrupted education, through the years of the blitz in London, his love and compulsion to draw, the art school years in Sidcup under enlightened educators, his studies at the RCA, and best of all his self education through avid reading and relating to different styles in art and music."

Professor John Eveleigh DCA

"For me Fred Cuming is the finest landscape painter of his generation. Here he proves that he can also write eloquently and with passion about that strangest of all relationships, the relationship between a man and his art."

Tim Binding

You can order a copy of Figure in the Landscape 2 direct from Waterstones

New video, made by the Royal Academy

Fred Cuming is a Senior Royal Academician and, when elected RA in 1974, was the youngest member to be elected to the Royal Academy of Arts. His artistic career has spanned over sixty years so far, and he has created (and sold) a body of work of some 5,000 paintings. Particularly fascinated by the observation and depiction of light and atmosphere, Fred Cuming is now one of England's foremost and best-loved contemporary landscape painters.

View a selection of Fred's work:

Fred has exhibited widely, for many years, and has work in private and public collections internationally. In 2001 he was given the honour of being the 'Featured Artist' by the Royal Academy and honoured with a one man show and whole gallery, coinciding with the RA Summer Exhibition. In 2004, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of the Arts at the University of Kent in Canterbury, in recognition of his status as an artist and his lifetime contribution to the Arts.

The East Sussex coastline, in particular the area around Camber and Rye, has provided the backdrop for much of Fred's work. The tonal and pictorial values in his oil studies are true to nature achieved by his distinctive technique of quickly layered colour resulting in a sensitive and unique rendering of light and mood. His trademark palette, indicative of the Camden School Group, is refreshingly limited, making his paintings definitively 'Cuming'.