Fred Cuming RA

Solo at the Royal Academy

Fred Cuming was one of only five artists granted a Solo Exhibition in the 'Friends Room' at the Royal Academy. The Solo Exhibitions ran between 1999 and 2004 and were granted to (in order) David Hockney, Frank Stella, Fred Cuming, Allen Jones and Anthony Greenhung.

The Room...

fred_cuming_ra_22.jpg fred_cuming_ra_12.jpg fred_cuming_ra_18.jpg fred_cuming_ra_21.jpg

The Pictures...

Stair Hole, Lulworth The Granery, Rye Pier, Arcachon Moonrise Barrowdale, Winter
Storm Fowey Harbour, After Rain Crescent Moon, Whitstable Tennyson Down
Still Life with Falcon Autumn Garden, Evening Hastings Pier Garden Under Snow
Studio Camber Sands Camber Evening Winter Snowscape and Thorn Tree
Winter Garden November Storm Old Man's Beard Studio, Autumn

Other Works from the Royal Academy Summer Show, since 1978

Sea and Cloud, 36x36ins, 1978 Studio Window, 43x43ins, 1986 Winchelsea Beach, 36x36ins, 1987 Rye Harbour Entrance 1, 21x30ins, 1988
Studio Three Chairs, 36x36ins, 1990 March Trees, 47x59ins, 1991 Winter Garden, 35x35ins, 1992 Window, April Evening, 36x36ins, 1994
RWofE Academy, Sails and Clouds, 1994 Camber, Approacing Storm, 20x23ins, 1995 Fowey Harbour, Late Evening, 23x23ins, 1996 Solitude II, 30x40ins, 1999
Low_Tide_90x90_2000.jpg Cutty Sark, 95x100cm, 2006